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Wang Jishan, deputy director of the Institute of Hospital Management of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and Ying Jiaoqian, the head of the Medical Office of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, presented awards to 15 "outstanding students". Yao Honghui, vice president of the People's Hospital, said in an interview after the course that the teaching content focuses on the knowledge of clinical microbiology and imaging diagnostics related to infectious diseases, as well as the knowledge of pharmacology in the treatment of infectious diseases, rational use of antibiotics and Management, etc., systematic lectures have been carried out, which can further train county-level hospitals to establish a correct clinical diagnosis thinking in infectious diseases, and establish a standardized diagnosis and treatment system for infectious diseases.

Although this is not the original intention of the online platform, these situations are not unique to several exposed platforms such as the 58 platform, and many online platforms also have more or less similar fraudulent behaviors.

They also have their own difficulties and complaints, and most of the time, it is out of some kind of "last resort".

China has established the goal of building an innovative country and an innovative economy.

The county is embarking on the 20th clinical key specialist training - anti-infection diagnosis and treatment training class to improve the ability of grass-roots specialists is the key to implementing hierarchical diagnosis and treatment "In order to achieve 'serious diseases out of the county' and further promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, the construction of specialist capacity is crucial important.

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"Liu Chao believes that doctors should be tolerant and have a good attitude towards patients.

銆銆Aside from the passenger seat, the vehicle was in normal use until the overhaul, the spokesman said.

"The county's sailing project, which has been held for three years, can play a good demonstration role and give grassroots doctors more opportunities to learn and improve.

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