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In other words, two people can play "flying" together.

According to reports, the Xinjiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and the Kuqa Cultural Relics Bureau have carried out archaeological exploration in Kuqa for many years.

The purchased income certificates are Guosen Securities' Jinyiqiujin 363 days and 2864 issues, the subscription amount is 90 million yuan, and the fixed annualized rate of return is %; The yield is %; Debon Securities' Debon Xingrui No. 16 income certificate, the subscription amount is 30 million yuan, and the fixed annual yield is %.

According to information from the Hangzhou National Notary Public Office, the Wharf Longxi project, which was held in the lottery on the afternoon of June 25th, according to the final review, among the 1,024 households who are interested in buying houses, 340 households have no houses. 70% of the families participating in the lottery intend to own a house.

Nearly 7 billion yuan of large orders grabbed 19 blue-chip stocks. According to the statistics of flush flush data, the "Securities Daily" market research center found that in terms of the performance of the secondary market, among the above-mentioned 816 stocks with good performance, most of the stocks' stock prices within the month have been adjusted with the broader market. However, there were still 77 stocks that rose against the market during the period. Six new stocks, including Hanjia Design, Green Power, Yi Jiahe, Xinrui Technology, Ecovacs, and China Securities Construction Investment, all rose by more than 40% during the period. Jinaobo (% ), Click (%), Luchang Technology (%), Zhongdadi (%), Fuda Alloy (%), Anyang Iron and Steel (%), Global Printing (%), Jingquanhua (%), etc. The 8 stocks also rose by more than 20% in the month. In addition, the stocks that rose by more than 10% in the month also included Hexing Packaging, Chaotu Software, Disu Fashion, Dongfang Jiasheng, Pu Nai, Desheng Technology, etc. 18 inside.

After the cancellation of domestic higher education academic degree certification service fees, online inquiry and electronic certification will be implemented in principle for the academic degrees registered in the college student's academic record and academic information management system and the relevant database of the degree information management system.

In addition, the multi-robot collaboration technology is applied to the military.

Our reporter Zhao Ziqiang and Wang Ke Editor's note: Yesterday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange hit its low point again during the year and dropped to the point. Analysts believe that with the decline of the broader market index, individual stocks will usher in a time window for value distribution, especially this year's mid-year performance forecast Hi stock has the dual advantages of performance wave and valuation.

Clearly explain the 5G development plan to the global industry chain As always, telecom operators are still the industry wind vane in the 5G era. As Wen Ku, Director of the Communications Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said, the "White Paper" has a leading role in the ecological development of the 5G industry. and guiding value.

In terms of industry, an industrial cloud product system has been built around "cloud + application" to provide professional application services for the production, operation and management of industrial enterprises. At the same time, it has established an industrial Internet joint laboratory with leading enterprises such as Guangxi Yuchai and Shugen Interconnection. , to jointly create a smart factory model project.

Yang Ouwen, an analyst at Chuancai Securities, pointed out that according to the calculation of the average upper and lower limits of profits in the disclosed interim report, the net profit of small and medium-sized board listed companies in the first half of the year increased by % year-on-year, slightly higher than the % in the first quarter, and basically the same as the % in 2017. flat, maintaining a growth rate of nearly 20%.

In February 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly established the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group to comprehensively organize and carry out 5G promotion work. With the gradual determination of 5G standards, the work of the promotion group also turned Industrialization and promotion of business applications.perception and

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